HUGE Progress


It was hard to get out of bed this morning. BJ spent the night down by the river with a family and is learning how to cook traditional salt. And our house thermometer said 52 degrees!! By 52 degrees, I mean that's how cold it is INSIDE our house. So set your air conditioners down to 52 this morning and remember to pray for us!

Things are going well out here in Wantakia. We've already been back in here for a month since our last break, and we feel like we've made a lot of progress. We say we are out here learning language and culture, but that's only the half of it...

So what is the progress...? The men are wrapping up huge areas of culture (what do the people believe about sickness, death, the spirit realm?) and doing final write ups in them. This is mandatory before we can teach them well! Lael has created the Wantakia alphabet and is finishing the write up. This is huge, as this is the alphabet we will use to translate Gods Word into--and teach them to read it! The guys also finished narrative discourse analysis TODAY! (Fancy talk for how to tell awesome stories in the language)  So I would say that's a lot of progress. All glory be to Christ our King!

When we met with most of you, we had this HUGE task we laid out before you and a timeline. It seemed impossible, but God is doing this! We still have a huge task ahead of us, but we are seeing light at the end of this language and culture learning tunnel.

So please be praying for our team. Pray we continue to rely on the Lord for everything. Pray He continues to show us favor. Pray for continued unity. Pray we work hard at this task!

We thank God constantly for you. We are able to be out here because of your prayer and support. Thanks on behalf of the future church in Wantakia!