We're the Hambrices.

Mandy, Myli, Paisley, and Jeremy.

We are a family from south Arkansas who has committed themselves to being a part of what God is doing by making Himself known to all tongues, tribes, and nations. We count it a privilege to serve among the Wantakia people of Papua New Guinea. God has entrusted us with His message and sent us to them as His ambassadors. We would not want to be doing anything else on the planet!

How we got here:

Mandy and I grew up in small towns in South Arkansas with Christian parents who continually told us the good news about Jesus. We both trusted in Him at a young age and then began the great adventure of following Him.

We didn’t meet until our sophomore year of college at Southern Arkansas University. I was there on a baseball scholarship and Mandy was studying to be a nurse. All we ever wanted in life was the American Dream: a nice spouse, a nice job, a nice house, a nice car, and nice kids. We wanted to follow God, but under the surface we expected Him to somehow fit into our dreams. We never once considered how we might fit into His.

After our junior year of college, I was drafted by the New York Mets to play professional baseball. I jumped at the opportunity and shortly after, Mandy and I got engaged. We were on our way to what we had always wanted. A series of circumstances led us to ask a pretty profound question - “God what is your will for our lives?” Although that's a great question to ask, we were helped to see that that question misses the mark. An even better question to ask is “God, what is your will, and how do I fit into it?”

We then heard a message that would change the course of our lives forever. We heard that from Genesis to Revelation, God’s word was one story with one theme: God making Himself known to all tongues, tribes, and nations. This story started in Genesis and will not be complete until God has worshipers from every people group on the planet (Revelation 7:9). Wow, we were hooked. For the first time we saw God’s dream as bigger than ours. Now, instead of expecting God to fit into our dreams, we were asking Him how we could fit into His.

Through a season of prayer, God made it clear to us that we should be ones that Go.  In preparation, we spent the next four years in training with New Tribes Mission. There we were blessed with our two daughters Paisley and Myli and met our coworkers. We are sent by an amazing church (First Baptist Church – Magnolia, Arkansas) and are supported by many other great churches and individuals. We are so thankful for all of them and would not be able to serve the Wantakian people without them.