Trusting God With My Health


Back in December, my faith was tested. I noticed a lump in my breast and of course freaked out. We live in the middle of nowhere and I will have to wait 8 months to get it checked out. Then about a month later I noticed 1, then 2 spots that looked like more basal skin cancer spots. Again, 7 months to wait. And to add to all of that, I started to have some really bad pelvis pain. Daily, I had to choose faith or fear.

Fast forward 8 months to America. We are in the middle of all of these doctors visits. BJ and I (pictured) went to the dermatologist and both got spots date ever!! My spots came back as basal skin cancer and they want to do 'Mohs' surgery to remove the rest of it. The lump seems to be benign, but I will have a biopsy October 2 to make sure. October 3, I will have an ultrasound to check the pelvis pain for cysts. And later on that week, I should have the 'Mohs' test done.

We are a little overwhelmed with emotions as we seek to continue to trust God with all of this. We realize it could be a lot worse, but just weren't expecting all of this. But, 1 Peter 4:12 tells us not to be surprised when fiery trials come...but to rejoice as we participate in Christ's sufferings.

The song "Never Once" continues to be such an encouraging song in both of our lives.  God has never made us walk alone and He never will.  We know that our faith and endurance is being made stronger through these for that, we are grateful!  Please pray that God will make his face shine on us so that we will make his ways known among the nations (Psalm  67).



(P.S) We are still going back to PNG in January :) #reachwantakia