"I can't imagine a more welcoming place!" I said to Jill when we got home yesterday. It was our official "house opening" celebration and welcome into the Wantakian village of Pinji and marked the completion of our three houses. They decorated our homes, prepared "sing sings," dressed in traditional "tumbuna" dress, and even decorated us too!

Many people from the surrounding Wantakian villages came to witness this big event too. Then we, the missionary team, provided tons of pig meat to thank THEM for all their hard work in helping build our houses.

It's kind of hard to say how awesome this was...guess you had to be there, haha. But we couldn't imagine a better welcome to our new home: Wantakia! Hopefully we can post a video one day when we have good internet :)

We began official language learning TODAY! Please pray for us to have good ears to hear, for the people to be excited to help us as we say, "Can you say that again?" over and over, and pray for us to keep modeling the life of Jesus to the Wantakians!