Who really sent the rain?


Three weeks ago today, our people were feeling the heat from the drought, much like the rest of the villages in Papua New Guinea. It hadn't rained for months in Wantakia. Sweet potato leaves were drying out, seeds for planting next year's gardens were scarce, everyone was super nervous that they would run out of food. So who did they turn to for help? Papa Piagi, the man who they believe sent the rain which ended the massive drought of '97.

That Sunday morning Piagi hiked to a pond up in the bush. Some ladies traveled with him carrying the sweet potato seeds, then they left him to work his sorcery. And sure enough, Sunday afternoon the clouds rolled in and the bottom fell out of the sky! The biggest rain we have seen in months. We couldn't believe it! The Wantakia people were praising this man for sending the rain!

Then, I got a phone call the next day from Jos, a local pastor from one of our neighboring tribes, Aziana. The Aziana church has been praying for the Wantakia people for almost 20 years. And now they pray for us constantly. They are so excited that the Lord has brought us to Wantakia.

So, Jos went on to tell me that Sunday morning the church met and begged the Lord, crying, pleading for rain, not for themselves who were in desperate need of it, but for us in Wantakia! And I got to tell Jos that Sunday afternoon it down-poured! Our tanks were overflowing! The Aziana church is thanking God and so are we!

One day the Wantakia people will be praising the Lord with us! I can't wait until we know the Wantakia language and culture well enough to tell them God's great narrative. Man. That day can't come soon enough.

Keep praying for them. Keep praying for us. There's a lot of work ahead. Thank God for the rain.

And please pray for Aziana to get rain. They need it bad. We have asked Jos if we can send in some food, but he told us that the church doesn't want the missionaries or anyone else to get the glory for providing for them. They are trusting GOD as the Provider for a miracle. Wow.