Plenti change!

“Things change, plans fail.
You look for love on a grander scale.
Storms rise, hopes fade
and you place your bets on another day.
When the going gets tough, when the ride's too rough,
when you're just not sure enough.

Jesus will still be there.
His love will never change,
Sure as a steady rain,
Jesus will still be there.”

I know I’m going to get made fun of for quoting a Point of Grace song, but oh well!  I’ve been thinking about how I need to grow in the area of flexibility, not physically (we all know I was a gymnast!)  But here in the “land of the unexpected”, you have to be flexible.  Also, in ministry, you have to be. 

I do so much better when my plans go accordingly.  But it’s so hard when my plans change.  The Lord has been working on me, especially during this house building phase, that I will always have him.  He’s the one that should fulfill my every need.

This week, the men made a trip to mill more wood, shuttle our materials into Wantakia, and put our posts in the ground.  Between all of the excitement of the helicopter landing down 21 times and starting house building, the tribal guys didn’t want to go to the bush to mill!  Understandable!  How many times have they seen a helicopter…Let alone 21 times in 3 days! 

BJ is the only one trained to run the saw mill, so we had to make a hard decision for him to stay there longer to try and mill.  It’s hard when the kids are expecting him home for pizza night Friday.  It’s hard when now he will get home Tuesday and then leave again Thursday for another 12 days.  And it’s hard when our plans change.  BUT, Jesus will still be here!  His love never change.  It’s sure as the steady rain!  And this is only for a time.  Soon we will all be together, living in the middle of nowhere, complaining about other things…like ants! 

Please be praying for our team!  All three of our families need it!  (separation, unity, kids)

Please be praying for the Wantakian people.  Pray their hearts are prepared to hear the Good News!   

And remember, “JESUS WILL STILL BE THERE!”  I hope this song is in your head the rest of the day!