Chainsaws & Discipleship

By BJ Sanders

I just spent seven days in Wantakia with my coworkers knocking down some massive trees for our three houses. This was an incredible opportunity to begin building relationships! Although we don't speak the language yet, we were still able to model the life of Jesus and begin discipling these guys with something as simple as a chainsaw.

First we modeled how to use a chainsaw. Then we taught them everything about it. Lastly, we completely entrusted them with it. We told them this was a picture of God's Word: they will see our lives as a model, then they will hear God's Word in their language. Finally they'll hold it in their hands and begin using it!

We go back in December to continue this process of getting everything ready for house building. This is such an exciting yet exhausting time! Thank you SO MUCH for all of you who are staying involved by praying and giving!