Closer Than We've Ever Been

by Jeremy Hambrice

Most of you have been on this journey with us for the past five or so years. You have been right there with us through the training, support raising, leaving family, and arriving in a new country. We have all been on this journey, because we believe God will make Himself known to all tongues, tribes, and nations.

We came to Papua New Guinea because there are several hundred of those tribes who do not yet know Him. We have been asking you to pray with us for the past several months that God would make it clear to us exactly which tribe He would have us go to. Well, God has answered all of our prayers!! 

During the past two months, our church planting team (Jeremy and Mandy Hambrice, BJ and Jill Sanders, and Jack and Lael Crabtree) has been seriously looking at a group of people called the Wantakians. These people are isolated in the mountains of PNG and don't have the gospel or the Bible in their own language. By God's grace we hope to change that.

We have taken two survey trips into Wantakia land hoping to find out all that we could about them and decide, with God's help, if this is where He wants us. For footage of those two trips, check out the two videos below this post. 

After two trips into Wantakia, we are glad to announce that we feel confident that this is where the Lord wants us! Thank you so much for faithfully praying that God would make it clear to us!

At the end of November we will go back out to Wantakia for the third time to make it official and sign an land agreement with the tribe. This will be the first time that our wives will get to see the land and the people with their own eyes. Please pray that God will continue to go before us as we move forward.